2011. február 4., péntek

Language lesson Nr. 1 - Alphatbet and first words

Want to learn hungarian? well im not a teacher but heck i spoke it for 23 years so maybe i can get you started.
Well i have to say i dont like to hear my taped voice and it is hard to pronounce the words in hungarian so it is a great help, whoever made the wikipedia sites, but did a great job.

It is hard because we have formal and informal language. Informal what you use with your family and friends and formal is the rest of it. Like in german or if im correct brazil has it too. But good news: things dont have genus.
I - én
you - te
she/he/it - ő
we - mi
you - ti
they - ők

Now the basics from what you'll seem really cool if you use it here[contains how to pronounce]:
Hi! or Hello - Szia [see ya but not seperatly say it fast like seeya] or hello [international i think :P] only informal
Good morning! - Jó reggelt kívánok! - The kívánok is optional, means 'whis' and more and more often ppl left if down.
Jó napot! Its like Buenos tardes, you dont say Jó reggelt after 9 or 10 o'clock.
Good evening! - Jó estét!
Good night! - Jó éjt!

To pronounce is hard to teach you i mean really. If you really want it i can make you some voice track just leave a comment, okay? The good thing about our language that there is no tricky way to say words. Once you learned what sound a letter make you just put them together. Till then i think she is the best on the internet, french is her mother language but she is doing a much better working then i do.

Bad stuff

I so do not want to make a bad impression about the country but there are some bad stuff for tourist everywhere. Even when i was in Paris there were those annoying people who grabbed my friends arm starting to make bracelets not accepting no as an answer and they were expensive. Well here you see them with charts. Not speaking of the Greenpeace guys or the WWF they are great, but those who take advantage of those are kind enough saying that they are raising money for Charity, sadly they are lying. The only charity on the streets are the book selling Red Cross members and those who are selling the Homeless Magazine (they are homless and that is what they do to earn living) called Fedél Nélkül or just like FN. So if someone wants you to buy a calender for charity or stickers just say no. And remember its just 10-20 people in Budapest while almost 2 million people live here. And have to say: they aren't half as bad as the french bracelet sellers, they get the hint if you give it. :P

Me again

So i had some incident with college so im finished with it searching for a job. Meanwhile i have a little time for the site. So first im sorry i havent updated lately i realized there have been changes around the links i gave you. So the new links are: is the route planner now in english, finally :)
http://www.bkv.hu/en/ the english site of BKV which is suprisingly is at least as good as the hungarian. I explained a lot of ticket type earlier, well they are still the same so dont worry about that. The bus route site is still working, i mean yet i dont know how long from now but i guess you can figure it out.