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Would be nice if i knew somebody think its useful what i do and not just a wrong site you open. Maybe you could post a hi or something.

How to get to the Hungaroring /formula 1 racing place/

Well some of you asked how to get there. So during the race its simple just get off the train at the temporary stop: Hungaroring. Or follow the fans, well you can see who are fans mostly from the clothes and flags. But if you just wanna visit it, there are to way:
1. get off the Hév at Szilasliget, which is actually part of Kerepes, only the stop has a different name cause it already stopped at Kerepes the stop before. So here is a map for that: http://www.hiszi-map.hu/catalog/displayimage.php?pid=6817&fullsize=1  the black and white line is the Hév line, there is a yellow street way and next to it a V form street called Állomás u. (it means Station street so i guess its the street where you found the hév stop,so you starts there) and up and left there you can see the buttom of the Hungaroring, so all you need to do is go like: Állomás u. then Béke utca then József Attila street and there you are. BTW you can see the József Attila streets end in the Mogyoród map which i already posted aerlier.Pronounce of Szilasliget: See lash lee get, just say it in one.
In my earlier post i already told you how to get there from Mogyoród. Sometimes there are paying little buses for tourist, dont know how much they cost, but its a straight way from the station, just look up the map i posted. Mogyoród pronounce is a but difficult... I think there is no word with english that equals the voice of GY which is a special hungarian charakter, but if you say like this, maybe they understand: Mow Joe road, in one.

Did you know, that the trains of the line of HÉV are from the 1970's? They look pretty cool from the inside. They are green, i love green.

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Hugaroring, Forma 1, Formula 1 grand prix Hungary

Well I don't know how you call it, we call it Forma 1, but im sure you know its coming real soon. I myself am not much of a fan. (Try to live in Mogyoród since you were born and when you cant get a sleep for a week cause of the races and the after parties, you get it why. Ppl living here may like it, but mostly those who have a share from it, if you know what i mean) I mean yeah the town is whole living and lovely and everything, im just not a party girl. :P Also when i was a kid (10) i had to explain a really drunk german man, that he doesnt have a room at my house but in the neighbours. I dont speak german better now. But doesnt matter.

Here we go: How to get here?
Ferihegy: At tourist information you can get 24 and 72 hours Budapest card. You can buy tickets two penny-in-the-slot machine, the first is at the terminal point of the bus E200, and works with coins, and the other is at the exit of the A2 terminal and you can use it with bank note, coins or creditcard and you can buy there ticket, 24 and 72 hour ticket and family ticket.
I give you the list of the ticket-offices where you can buy anything: http://www.bkv.hu/jegyinfo/nyitvatartas.html. Ker. is a shorty for district, tér means square, híd is bridge, Hév-végállomás is the last station of the HÉV, metrobejárat is entrance of the subway/metro, kisföldalatti is a little subway so you should search for those ticket offices underground. http://www.bkv.hu/busz/200e.pdf here you can see the E200 bus stations (If you didnt know yet, this is the only bus by BKV which can get you out of there), at Kőbánya kispest you can see a big M logo, which means there is a subway, and there you can buy everything. By the way if you are on surface you should look for a logo just like that in blue to find the station place underground, or if you see an underpass just go down and most certainly there it will be.
 To feel the real feeling of the Formula one grand prix i suggest to have quarters here, at Mogyoród, cause when you are not at the  race, still you can hear it, and its near. You can camp here several places, and even at the last minute there are always some nice ppl offering room, mostly with the words: "Zimmer frei". I guess it would be better to write this post in german, but im really bad at that one. And of course our little "hotel", the Ring Fogadó, its really homey and as i heard the food is great, and as i tasted the food is also great at the Pipacsárda (earlier post i think i told you in the Mogyoród section which Bus stop) if you are camping but want some good food. If you already here, plan to stay a bit longer and visit the Sisi Castle at Gödöllő, or the famous church at Fót.
So if you wanna get here right after arriving to Ferihegy, i suggest to take E200 bus till the end, called Kőbánya Kispest. There you can buy any ticket you want at the subway station (good thing about staying at Mogyoród that the traveling are cheaper, you dont have to use ~300Ft tickets, for an adult person a bus cost 125Ft till HÉV, and one stop with Hév is well less then 135ft and there you are with a few walking, but i think you can walk by my earlier posted map all along, or just using the bus till other way till Mázsa tér) so you can buy your family/24hours...etc. tickets then use the subway till Deák Ferenc tér (if you really dont understand the hungarian words, in the train there are some billboards telling the stops) just make sure you are headed to Örs Vezér Tere, and not the Déli pályaudvar. At the Örs vezér tér use the underpass and straight ahead and there it is the Hév. Choose the one with the name Gödöllő, the big thingie not far from the train where lots of ppl are in lines, most of the time is the ticket buying place. You can buy the outland ticket there, but if you already have the orange ticket, or any other Budapest ticket and dont wanna wait just get on the train its totally legal to buy from the controller when he/she comes. Then just make sure to get off the train at the good station, maybe even ask someone if you lost counting them.

If you are coming by car well just check google maps, needless to say and if you use the highway dont forget to buy Vignette http://www.motorway.hu/ is your site.

If you use train to get here just use alway subway till deák tér and change if you not coming from Déli pályaudvar and the same as the airport way

If you use other options, use my first post and find out the perfect way to get here and back every day :)
Well to finish a give you a link: http://www.hungaroinfo.com/formel1/index_en.htm here are some good information (its a shame that they are talking about it as it just a bit far from Budapest when actually is nowhere near to that, but almost in heart of Mogyoród, and they dont even mention the hotels (oh i almost forgat the hotel next to Ring fogadó called Kék Laguna or something like that) or anything) but they have some good info for you.

Hope i helped. And special thanks to Tanya who made me realized that this would be an interesting topic to write about. :)

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Gödöllő Grassalkovich palace - Sisi's favorite palace in Europe -Royal Palace of Gödöllő

http://www.bkv.hu/english/hev/index.html this is the timetable to HÉV to the Palace.
http://www.kiralyikastely.hu/index.php?mid=122 and this is the official site in english with a short history.
She visited Buda in 1751 and said yes to the invitation of Grassalkovich Antal to visit his only few year old palace in Gödöllő.
Gödöllői kastély
Maria Theresa had a good relationship with the Grassalkovich family. Not a single Habsburg family member had visited Buda in the last 200 years, so Grassalkovich wanted to make a big courtesy: it was at august 11. the hottest period of the summer the tradition says that he used salt on the roads from Buda to Gödöllő so the Queen could sledged  to Gödöllő on a cart right to the palace. It's a really big gesture but we are almost sure it's just a legend. Everyone knew that Maria Theresa hated this kind of wastings.
In the palace on the tour you can hear the entire story. I used as a resource this website

To get to the palace you should take to HÉV till the station called Gödöllő: Szabadság tér (Gödöllő Liberty Square). Here is a nice picture showing the mostly known sightseeings in Gödöllő.

It's a work by Márvány Miklós. There is an underpass to cross the street after getting down the HÉV or as you can see on this picture crosswalks too.
Did you know that the only original Baroque style theater is in the palace? The other two in Europe are reconstructions made by this theater. The Palace was the housing to the soviet soldiers who made a lots of damage but now it looks great. If you take the time to visit please make the whole tour its amazing i swear. Sadly when i visited i didn't bring my camera, but it's something really big. For example there is a silk dress and they renovate it all the time as they used to back then. Did you know that back then 2 maid worked on these dresses and they changed spear to spear and one maid only could change 15 spear per day otherwise they would got crazy. And there is also some big things to see which they want to buy to Schönburg but Gödöllő won't sell it.

I translate you the map:
1. Royal Castle of Gödöllő 1741
2. Baroque theater
3. Park of the Castle - Orangery
4. Royal Waiting Room
5. Evolutionary Special Museum of Agrarian Tools and Mechanichs
6. Lower Park- World Tree
7. Barrack of sergeants
8. Hamvai- kuria - City Museum of Gödöllő 1662
9. Statue of Török Ignác
10. Petőfi Statue
11. Evangelical Church 1931
12. Reformed church 1745
13. Artists' place of Gödöllő
14. Park of Elisabeth
15. Statue of Elisabeth
16. Kalvaria
17. Chapel of the Castle
18. Community Centre
19. 1st War Memorial 1931.
20. Mary-column 1749
21. Premontrei Church
22. Statue of Kálmán prince 1931
23. Statue of Saint Imre 1931
24. Baroque House - Castlegarden restaurant
25. Saint Stephan University
26. Old town hall
27. Town hall
28. Police station
29. Bus station
30. Apiary Museum
31. Silver Club (it's a hotel or something, i don't know why is it on the map, but there it is)
32. Máriabesnyő (famous catholic church)

Sorry i cant give you a map like i did about Mogyoród, but here is a link from where you can print the important parts. http://www.terkepcentrum.hu/index.asp?go=map&mid=13&tid=32559&verzio=2008

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Mogyoród is a little town in Pest county 18 km away from Budapest next to M3 freeway in the valley of the Gödöllő hills. Its highest place is on the Somlyó-hegy, (Gyertyános 326m) what you can see from the freeway or from the HÉV too. On the Somlyó-mountain there is an outlook with a beautiful statue of Saint Laszló.
Well my friend told me i would bore you dead with this so i checked out the English Wikipedia and its really bad. So I am just editing it and giving you the link. If you are really interested in my little town: check out this.

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HÉV to Gödöllő, and seeings in Mogyoród

Well as i told you earlier i live in Mogyoród. Im not at home right now, so i cant show you the pictures i took but i promise I'll do that later.
To get to Mogyoród you have to choice:
Nr.1 get on a bus at Budapest a stop called Újpest központ (which can be reached buy the blue subway also known as the Metro 3. I dont recommend this way cause most times you have to change bus at Fót cause there isnt so many bus directly to Mogyoród.
Nr.2 get on the HÉV at Örs Vezér square which can be reached several way, most known with the red subway or known as the Metro 2. HÉV stands for Helyi Érdekű Vasút which means Local Little Train, sort of.

So I'll start with the HÉV cause if you dont get down the train at Mogyoród you can also reach Sissi's favorite castle, the Grassalkovich castle at Gödöllő but more about that later. So you get on the train at some point, here are the stops:
Örs vezér tere
Mátyásföld, repülőtér
Mátyásföld, Imre utca
Mátyásföld alsó
Cinkota (here start another HÉV line to Csömör : Cinkota, Cinkota alsó, Árpádföld, Szabadságtelep, Csömör. they start at Örs vezér tér too but in cinkota they go to a different direction. So if you need to reach for example Sashalom and there is a Csömör HÉV just about to leave feel free to jump on it :) it has all the stops that the Gödöllő hév does till Cinkota)
Ilonatelep (end of Budapest, from here you have to buy an outland ticket, im sorry)
Kistarcsa, kórház (here is a hospital)
Mogyoród, Hungaroring (only temporary, and only works during Formula 1, other days it wont stop there)
Gödöllő, Erzsébet park
Gödöllő, Szabadság tér
Gödöllő, Palotakert

So if you are coming during the F1 then its easy: get off the train and follow the others. The water park is really near to the Hungaroring so its the same direction. Here is a map:
So i gave you the names of the stops (from the Hév stop, and you can see them as red points on the map. This is the best map i could find online, there will be no maps in stores, its just a little town so you better print this one out. :P If your day ends and wanna go back to the hotel there are bus stop on the opposite site of the streets near to that where you get down the bus. I may not put the points to the right place but they are somewhere near that. Sorry)
1. Hév megálló
2. Szadai elágazás
3. Ring fogadó
4. Újfalu
5. Patak híd
6. Mázsa tér
7. Mátyás király út autóbuszforduló
If you want to make a good impression here is a great link where you can learn how to pronunce these but if its too hard do what i use to do abroad: write it down and smile. Always worked for me. :) The "can i have a ticket to" in hungarian: egy jegyet ...ig legyen szíves. If you have international student card then: Egy diákjegyet ....ig legyen szíves.
The ...ig means like to ... But we place it to the end of the word and not before the word. To budapest = Budapestig.

At the stop Ring fogado there is 2 hotel/motel thing. As far as i know they are not really cheap. At Újfalu and Mázsa tér there are quite good little grocery stores, at hév stop there is a big CBA premium shop. My favorite restaurant is the Pipa Csárda at Pataki híd. And there is also two sweet-shop (Zöld sün and the other with a Lottó place and better ice cream) and right next to the Pipa Csárda a cool café place. You can find pubs at Hév megálló, Újfalu, Patak híd which im sure about.

Lots of house offer rooms for rent and you can know how good they are by the sunflower outside. Its like the stars but because they are not all time hotels its our little nice town quality counting way. 3 is the maximum.

Things to see:
Somlyó hegy (hegy means mountain but its just a hill, you can see it on the map and easy to reach from the HÉV station by foot.) There are some places on it where you can get quite a good view to the Hungaroring well as its free, so not as good as the real deal. Binoculars are needed and also go early, many ppl know the place.
Szent László Square: there are two of them, one next to the main street and one quite hidden. The second one is where there used to be an abbey. There is only a memorial plate and a nice tree.
And of course the Aquarena, Hungaroring and the Go-kart place next to the Hungaroring.

If you get on the bus to Fót the second stop as i remember is Fót gyermekváros, well you recognize it cause at the stop there it is a beautiful Church. Have to see it.

Well thats for now, please feel free to leave a comment. :) And ask!

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First steps

If you are about to travel to Hungary, there is some sites you should check out:
http://www.mav-start.hu/english/index.php for the railway guide, if you are about to discover more from this country.
http://www.menetrendek.hu/cgi-bin/menetrend/html.cgi for the bus timetable, Volan is the major bus company here. Sadly there is no english version so what you should know: Honnan means from and hová means to, and keresztül is the place where you should write what town you want the bus to go through, you can leave it empty if you just want to go from A to B. Dátum means date, its only important if you want to go on weekend or during the week cause there are two timetable for buses, for weekend fewer bus cause less ppl are going to work.
http://www.bkv.hu/english/home/index.html is about public transform in Budapest. Its quiet helpful and good site.
http://www.bkv.hu/english/jegyinfo/fares.html this is the prices of the tickets. If you stay a but longer and travel a lot you should buy things like the 3 day pass, but the Discount coupon book (contains 10 tickets) is good if you wont use many public transport, but be sure to have a ticket every travel cause the penalty is high and the controllers doesnt really speak any foreign language. (later i'll post a language "lesson" with the basic words. I suggest to have a notebook and a pencil always in your pucket, so you can write down the words, or for example if you want to buy something the salesman can write you down the price)
http://utvonal.bkv.hu/ is for planning your direction and i mean when im saying it will be your best friend if you wanna travel around Budapest... 
So MÁV is the train company in Hungary, it can take you to everywhere. Volán is the same for bus. BKV is the company for Budapest public transform. There are some yellow buses, or white they are volán buses, you cant use the BKV tickets on them. With BKV you can use the tickets which prices are above in the link i gave you. It doesnt matter if you use for one stop or for 10, one vehicle use is one ticket, if you change vehicle/train/subway you have to use another ticket, but when you have a pass you dont have to worry about that. BKV also takes you outside Budapest, to the nearest towns. It works this way: while you are inside Budapest you use a ticket or your pass, but in HÉV's (little train or suburban) there are the stops over the doors and there is a line showing where the outside area starts. From there you have to buy a ticket from the controller if you meet her/him. Its a bit strange and difficult i know but this is how it works. Later i post about Mogyoród (Forma 1, Aquaréna and its history, cause i live there :P) and about Gödöllő and the Grassalkovich castle. Till that post your question.