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HÉV to Gödöllő, and seeings in Mogyoród

Well as i told you earlier i live in Mogyoród. Im not at home right now, so i cant show you the pictures i took but i promise I'll do that later.
To get to Mogyoród you have to choice:
Nr.1 get on a bus at Budapest a stop called Újpest központ (which can be reached buy the blue subway also known as the Metro 3. I dont recommend this way cause most times you have to change bus at Fót cause there isnt so many bus directly to Mogyoród.
Nr.2 get on the HÉV at Örs Vezér square which can be reached several way, most known with the red subway or known as the Metro 2. HÉV stands for Helyi Érdekű Vasút which means Local Little Train, sort of.

So I'll start with the HÉV cause if you dont get down the train at Mogyoród you can also reach Sissi's favorite castle, the Grassalkovich castle at Gödöllő but more about that later. So you get on the train at some point, here are the stops:
Örs vezér tere
Mátyásföld, repülőtér
Mátyásföld, Imre utca
Mátyásföld alsó
Cinkota (here start another HÉV line to Csömör : Cinkota, Cinkota alsó, Árpádföld, Szabadságtelep, Csömör. they start at Örs vezér tér too but in cinkota they go to a different direction. So if you need to reach for example Sashalom and there is a Csömör HÉV just about to leave feel free to jump on it :) it has all the stops that the Gödöllő hév does till Cinkota)
Ilonatelep (end of Budapest, from here you have to buy an outland ticket, im sorry)
Kistarcsa, kórház (here is a hospital)
Mogyoród, Hungaroring (only temporary, and only works during Formula 1, other days it wont stop there)
Gödöllő, Erzsébet park
Gödöllő, Szabadság tér
Gödöllő, Palotakert

So if you are coming during the F1 then its easy: get off the train and follow the others. The water park is really near to the Hungaroring so its the same direction. Here is a map:
So i gave you the names of the stops (from the Hév stop, and you can see them as red points on the map. This is the best map i could find online, there will be no maps in stores, its just a little town so you better print this one out. :P If your day ends and wanna go back to the hotel there are bus stop on the opposite site of the streets near to that where you get down the bus. I may not put the points to the right place but they are somewhere near that. Sorry)
1. Hév megálló
2. Szadai elágazás
3. Ring fogadó
4. Újfalu
5. Patak híd
6. Mázsa tér
7. Mátyás király út autóbuszforduló
If you want to make a good impression here is a great link where you can learn how to pronunce these but if its too hard do what i use to do abroad: write it down and smile. Always worked for me. :) The "can i have a ticket to" in hungarian: egy jegyet ...ig legyen szíves. If you have international student card then: Egy diákjegyet ....ig legyen szíves.
The ...ig means like to ... But we place it to the end of the word and not before the word. To budapest = Budapestig.

At the stop Ring fogado there is 2 hotel/motel thing. As far as i know they are not really cheap. At Újfalu and Mázsa tér there are quite good little grocery stores, at hév stop there is a big CBA premium shop. My favorite restaurant is the Pipa Csárda at Pataki híd. And there is also two sweet-shop (Zöld sün and the other with a Lottó place and better ice cream) and right next to the Pipa Csárda a cool café place. You can find pubs at Hév megálló, Újfalu, Patak híd which im sure about.

Lots of house offer rooms for rent and you can know how good they are by the sunflower outside. Its like the stars but because they are not all time hotels its our little nice town quality counting way. 3 is the maximum.

Things to see:
Somlyó hegy (hegy means mountain but its just a hill, you can see it on the map and easy to reach from the HÉV station by foot.) There are some places on it where you can get quite a good view to the Hungaroring well as its free, so not as good as the real deal. Binoculars are needed and also go early, many ppl know the place.
Szent László Square: there are two of them, one next to the main street and one quite hidden. The second one is where there used to be an abbey. There is only a memorial plate and a nice tree.
And of course the Aquarena, Hungaroring and the Go-kart place next to the Hungaroring.

If you get on the bus to Fót the second stop as i remember is Fót gyermekváros, well you recognize it cause at the stop there it is a beautiful Church. Have to see it.

Well thats for now, please feel free to leave a comment. :) And ask!

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