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How to get to the Hungaroring /formula 1 racing place/

Well some of you asked how to get there. So during the race its simple just get off the train at the temporary stop: Hungaroring. Or follow the fans, well you can see who are fans mostly from the clothes and flags. But if you just wanna visit it, there are to way:
1. get off the Hév at Szilasliget, which is actually part of Kerepes, only the stop has a different name cause it already stopped at Kerepes the stop before. So here is a map for that: http://www.hiszi-map.hu/catalog/displayimage.php?pid=6817&fullsize=1  the black and white line is the Hév line, there is a yellow street way and next to it a V form street called Állomás u. (it means Station street so i guess its the street where you found the hév stop,so you starts there) and up and left there you can see the buttom of the Hungaroring, so all you need to do is go like: Állomás u. then Béke utca then József Attila street and there you are. BTW you can see the József Attila streets end in the Mogyoród map which i already posted aerlier.Pronounce of Szilasliget: See lash lee get, just say it in one.
In my earlier post i already told you how to get there from Mogyoród. Sometimes there are paying little buses for tourist, dont know how much they cost, but its a straight way from the station, just look up the map i posted. Mogyoród pronounce is a but difficult... I think there is no word with english that equals the voice of GY which is a special hungarian charakter, but if you say like this, maybe they understand: Mow Joe road, in one.

Did you know, that the trains of the line of HÉV are from the 1970's? They look pretty cool from the inside. They are green, i love green.

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